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Some great MICE venues and hot spots that may impress the boss and facilitate a swift kick up the bureaucratic ladder. This was duly arranged. From a sit-down dinner on the Great Wall or kimono-wearing workshop in Tokyo to playing pirates in Phuket or brainstorming and team-building at a Java heritage site, there are plenty of options for rallying the troops around the conference table. When it comes to small meetings in Asia for gatherings of 20 to 50 people, Asian hotels pull out all the stops.

All the more so if it is a high powered corporate meeting in Asia’s new top drawer establishments where state-of-the-art goes hand in hand with speedy service for a customer who is always right. Competition is stiff, with tussles between resort favourites Bali and Phuket and business hubs Bangkok and Singapore.

Sit back, relax and enjoy up to 3, channels of award-winning entertainment. Savour gourmet meals inspired by the region, and post social media updates in the air. – Emirates United Kingdom.

Our bus rolled out of Diyarbakir coach station at about 11am and we were told it should take around 10 hours to make it to Dohuk, giving us plenty of time to find a hotel. Batman, Turkey Things got a bit more confusing once we stopped in Cizre to pick up some more passengers. After a few minutes of this the 4 Kurdish Lads got on the bus and demanded to sit in the front four seats causing a couple of people to have to move which seemed a weird thing to do.

Fast forward about an hour of waiting the bus driver starts to shout and everyone rushes back onto the bus, progress! Just as a note, instead of continuing down the motorway to find a safe place to turn around the coach driver decided to drive down the hard-shoulder in the wrong direction for about half a mile instead as seen in the following picture; Coach driving the wrong way down the motorway.

After half an hour we pulled into Silopi bus station, which is a few miles before Silopi itself, and then the Iraqi border is about 5 miles on the other side of the city on the same road. He explained that the border was closed and that it was something to do with the Taxi drivers who ferry people across the border. We continued to wait a few hours and eventually an armoured car turned up with a few guys in it who were in casual clothing, yet armed with pistols and sub machine guns, they started mingling and chatting with the drivers of the now four coaches in the station as well as the drivers of a couple of border taxis that arrived.

A not great picture of the armoured car in Silopi coach station.

City Guide: Baku, Azerbaijan

Currency Conversion Overview Yerevan is no match for the grandeur of its rivals Tbilisi and Baku, but it still has its charms. Regardless, the main appeal of the city is its laid back vibe. It was the only country I saw American-style obese women and Slavic model-types walking down the same street.

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Oct 25,  · With some difficulty, I installed an RCA 45rpm record changer along with a v inverter, and a hook up to the volume control of the radio. Where do I plug in my 45 rpm record player in my Model 3? I have the original 45’s.

Demographics[ edit ] Yazidi leaders and Chaldean clergymen meeting in Mesopotamia , 19th century Historically, the Yazidis lived primarily in communities located in present-day Iraq, Turkey and Syria and also had significant numbers in Armenia, Georgia and Iran. However, events since the end of the 20th century have resulted in considerable demographic shift in these areas as well as mass emigration.

They are particularly concentrated in northern Iraq in the Nineveh Province. In the early s most of the settled population of the Western Desert were Yazidi. In , some Yazidis who had previously lived under the Arabisation process of Saddam Hussein complained about the political tactics of the Kurdistan Regional Government that were intended to make Yazidis identify themselves as Kurds. The HRW report also criticises heavy-handed tactics. According to the UNCHR reports, it is disputed, even among the community itself as well as among Kurds, whether Yazidis are ethnically Kurds or form a distinct ethnic group.

In , the community was estimated at about 10, , according to the national census, but numbers for were unavailable. Yazidis in Georgia The Yazidi population in Georgia has been dwindling since the s, mostly due to economic migration to Russia and the West. According to a census carried out in , there were over 30, Yazidis in Georgia; according to the census, however, only around 18, Yazidis remained in Georgia.

However, by other estimates, the community fell from around 30, people to fewer than 5, during the s.

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It has been designed as a future-proofed infrastructure investment that provides a seamless migration to modern GigE-based networks. Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet connections ensure flexible installation options and lower cabling costs. With its large, high-resolution TFT color display, the T38G IP Phone offers a brilliant presentation of caller information, with a user interface designed for clarity and intuitive operation. HD audio and a 4. Up to 5-way conferencing and 24 dual-color BLF extension keys.

Integrated real-time web applications [weather, currency, etc.

Local Yerevan single males and females

This was being built when I visited two years ago. The drive to Tatev had been one of the scariest of my life and nothing would have induced me to do it again. Rod had a similar experience.

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What about my 8-tracks, and my Dad’s extensive collection of reel-to-reel ? ModernTriDad October 22, I am going to be so disappointed if there are no manual window handles, in case I drive into water and the vehicle becomes submerged while shorting the power out to the power windows. I guess I’ll just assume there is until it gets delivered. I mean, my wife’s Nissan Versa has them so why wouldn’t the P3D-. Thrush glass pack mufflers were so cool in the school parking lot when you fired up the old V8 and it burned fuel like it was going out of style.

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