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In this post, we’ll discuss adjustable safety razors. We’ll detail what they are, why they’re fantastic, and why you may want to use them. Then we’ll detail each of our reviews, and hopefully we’ll be able to find the best adjustable safety razor for your morning shave. We’ll start at the beginning: What Is an Adjustable Razor? Safety razors may all seem very similar, but each one is actually very unique: There are dozens of features that make every safety razor interesting and one-of-a-kind. One of the most important features, however, is how aggressive the razor is.

The Evolution of the Safety Razor – The Gents Blog

Though only when styled in suitable fashion. So start by asking this question: How hairy are you?

Gillette Mach3 Turbo razors for men feature stonger-than-steel blades that stay sharper longer (vs. Sensor3). With sharper, Turbo cutting blades (first 2 blades vs. MACH3), a MACH3 Turbo blade refill is engineered to last 15 comfortable shaves.

The Beginning of the Modern Safety Razor Before safety razors, straight razors were the common shaving tool. That year, the first American patent for a safety razor with a protective wire guard was given to the Kampfe brothers. Soon enough, other manufacturers, like Gillette, were also developing and patenting designs for safety razors, and this new way of shaving was born. All About the Blades Safety razor blades, in their earliest incarnation, were not disposable and had to be sharpened frequently.

But, the addition of disposable razor blades by King Gillette at the turn of the century changed the game and made the safety razor even easier to use. Gillette, of course, built an entire shaving empire on the disposability of blades with his loss-leader strategy give away the razor, and profit on the replacement blades. The company also made the savvy deal with the U. Army that resulted in Gillette safety razors becoming part of the standard kit for enlisted men sent to Europe during World War I.

By the end of the war, over 3. In , however, the introduction and adoption of stainless steel blades in foreign markets required Gillette to follow suit.

The Evolution of the Safety Razor – The Gents Blog

Safety Razors A good, sturdy, sharp, yet safe razor makes all the difference between a nice, even, and smooth shave and razor burn or cuts. You should not use cheaply made, dull razors. We will review in this article some of the best safety razors on the market. What Is A Safety Razor? They evolved from the straight razor and they function like a mix of the two.

Feb 14,  · The Super Speed was an every-man’s razor; Gillette used “Aristocrat” to refer to up market razors of various types. There was never a razor Gillette referred to as an Aristocrat Super Speed, though there were similarities in design for some models.

But aren’t all these basically just variations of the three types I mentioned? As a new guy, I had a challenge understanding some of the different nuances because the terms do get thrown around pretty loosely. Put a Regent Tech on eBay and a Super Speed on eBay, at the same time, same excellent condition, each without a case, and you will see how different there value is perceived. They will also shave a little differently.

I agree with Rev. You can try to develop broad categories for all Gillette razors, but the variations are important. So much so that trying to use such broad categories doesn’t really work. I guess the three broadest categories would be:

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I’ve spent the past two years googling dating information, perusing auctions, cleaning Gillettes for other people selling, and generally soaking up information. I’d like to share what I’ve learned to new buyers and sellers of Gillette razors. I don’t know all there is to know, additions and corrections are welgee. The most informativewebsites are “Badger and Bade” for shaving forums and mr-razor dot ge for the photographs.

Another “must read” is a 4 part history atbruceonshaving dot gethat defines the high-end s razors. There isanother terrific articlewith showroom pictureson high dollar Gillettedouble edge razorsis atrazoremporium dot ge slash archive.

Body Hair Dos & Don’ts

This was awesome for shavers, as it meant that you could take your safety razor wherever you went while not having to deal with the icky step of disposing of used razor blades. Well, sometimes the old tricks become new again , and we need to look at them with fresh eyes. One of the easiest and best things that you can do for your safety razor is to keep it dry. Keep it dry when it is not in use and dry it as soon as you are done using it — sounds simple enough, right?

Also included with this razor is the original Gillette case, replated Blade Bank, and two NOS(new old stock) Double Edge Razor Blades for display. This case opens and closes properly and is .

Moisturizer The last step of your night time skin care routine is also the most important. Without this, all the the other steps are wasted because at the end of the day, healthy skin is moisturized skin. So this step, aside from cleaning and gentle exfoliation, is the most critical. The main issue I ran into during testing is that good, budget friendly options are few and far between. I included the ones that really stood out, regardless of price, but with moisturizers you almost always get what you pay for, aside from the two exceptions I found below.

Good lord is this stuff amazing in regard to hydration, firming and helping to even out and smooth your skin. I hope this helped!

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This stunning s Gillette Tech ‘Heavy’ 3-pc Closed Comb Razor has been cleaned, polished, sterilized, and professionally replated in a beautiful, bright and shiny rhodium finish. There is no date code on the base plate of this razor which leads me to believe that it was manufactured some time between ‘ The original gold finish is no longer in tact and now has a beautiful and very durable rhodium finish that has been plated over nickel.

The Tech Razors are very well regarded throughout the wet shaving community for being a very smooth, yet mild shaver. This razors thicker handle has a hefty feel and great knurling makes it very comfortable to hold and perfect for navigating the contours of your face.

This razor has the date code D-1, dating it to the 1st quarter of , meaning it was produced during the first run of this iconic Gillette Razor. This razor is in near mint condition with only very very light scuffing that is typical to any razor that is not NOS.

From the Milibeard to Jeremy Paxman-gate , the mere hint of a famous person growing a beard can set the internet alight and leave a slew of hashtags and comment pieces in its wake. But it’s not only celebs and politicians on the receiving end of beard-related hysteria. The decision to grow a beard can plunge even the meekest man chin-first into the spotlight as family, friends and colleagues offer thoughts and feelings on their new facial hair. This attention might not be such a bad thing, if only it arrived at a more opportune moment.

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King Camp Gillette Gillette double-edged safety razor series “Old type” Gillette safety razor set, made between and Double-edged safety razors The first safety razor using the new disposable blade went on sale in The great innovation of this new model was the “Twist to Open”, or TTO design, which made blade changing much easier than it had been previously, wherein the razor head had to be detached from the handle. This was updated in , with different versions being produced to shave more closely—the degree of closeness being marked by the color of the handle tip.

In , the first “adjustable” razor was produced. This allowed for an adjustment of the blade to increase the closeness of the shave.

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The purpose is to compile information on vintage safety razors, identification, stats and photos for the safety razor collector. Will be working on Gillette razors and others from my store stock and also recently sold items that I still have photos etc. The actual layout on this is still just a thought in the planning stage, so bear with me. In no way is this complete list. See ya, Country Joe Gillette Razors: This particular razor hadserial no.

B which dates it to Three piece razor, top guard has three studs, center one is threaded for handle. Originally used the 3-hole blade, but regular double edge blades fit. This particular razor has serial no. Razor is silver plated.

What Year was My USA Gillette Safety Razor Made? Gillette Date Codes