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To understand the guitar, you need to know a little about the company. In he opened a facility to sell sheet music and organs. In Hoshino opened a manufacturing facility called Hoshino Gakki Ten, to produce its own musical instruments. By , Hoshino began in the Spanish guitar business and sold guitars domestically under the brand name, Ibanez-Salvador.

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Most guitarists recognise that pickups can make or break a guitar. But what exactly are the make or break factors? There have now been so many models that it would be almost impossible to pin down a reliable review for each one. But across all those different variants of Strat, the standard and design of the pickups has always served as a good indicator of general quality. In my experience, checking what sort of pickups are installed gives a good idea as to the instrument’s price bracket.

People can generally see that a Lace Sensor is a Lace Sensor, and that a humbucker is worthy of specific attention. The traditional Strat pickup has a separate bottom plate and a separate top plate, made from vulcanised fibre. Before the coil is wound, the only thing holding the plates together is the set of six magnetic pole-pieces.

The image below shows how this arrangement looks before the coil is wound. This is a mid s-style Strat pickup assembly with light grey fibre top and bottom plates, and staggered-height pole-pieces. The poles were staggered, incidentally, to compensate for the volume differences in the individual strings. The standard strength for the magnets is alnico V V as in five. Lower strength magnets such as alnico II are used in some vintage replicas.

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Like many words in our society, this one is oft used, seldom understood. Find an old Ibanez that is a copy of another, more familiar guitar? I have seen guitars go for much more than they are actually worth simply because the purchaser has fallen for the hype or actually didn’t know what constitutes a “lawsuit” model. Here is my attempt to clear up an urban legend, and, in the words of Chuck D.

I have the serial number for the guitar but I don’t know how Hondo dates their guitars. However, two years later the product line took a big leap forward in quality under the new Hondo II logo. Hondo also began limited production of guitars in Japan in 1.

If you’re not familiar with my site, it’s simple, and you’ll love it or hate it: It’s not a fancy site but it remains unchanged since ’98 so I figure, “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. Just click on any underlined text and it should open a picture; if you move your cursor over the pic and there’s a magnifying glass displayed instead of your cursor, click the pic and it will expand it to larger size. These guitars already have a great vintage vibe with an authentic looking two-tone sunburst gloss finish, parchment parts, and tinted neck, so the vintage logo is icing on the cake.

Other features include C-shaped maple neck with maple fingerboard and modern 9. Like the early vintage models this guitar also has stacked knobs with a volume and tone on each pot. The tone pots are the click type, rather than a smooth taper; nice touch. It might seem odd to have a Jaguar logo but we wanted to have a little fun with it and the two models are very close in styling, especially on these Vintage Modified models.

We also did a Jaguar with a Jazzmaster logo! The logo job is perfect with several coats of nitro finish, wet sanding between coats, built up to be as thick as the logo so the outline isn’t visible pic here. Suffice it to say it definitely looks like a regular factory logo.

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Above, the Presto Model A, their top-of-the-line system circa There is a detailed history of the Presto Corp provided at this website, so no need to re-tread those waters. Basically, what Presto offered was a way to make good-sounding LP and 78 recordings that could be played back instantly on any home turntable. Unlike earlier commercial recording technologies, there was no intermediate submaster required. Presto was able to do this by having designed an aluminum later, glass disc that was coated with a special cellulose-based compound featuring 51 ingredients!

At right, the Presto A Electronics package. This was a complete system of microphone preamps, cutting amps, patchbay, and AM radio tuner that was designed to accompany the Model-A pictured above. On a more basic user-level: Nowadays almost all audio control happens electronically; once the room is treated and the microphone carefully placed, our work as recording engineers leaves the realm of physical manipulation and enters a world of electronic control. Above, the Presto A microphone pre-amplifier, the one piece of equipment in this lengthy catalog that could still be of potential use to modern recordists.

Thank-you to reader EL for sending us the schem to the Presto A. This must be a slightly later version of the A, as the 2nd tube is a 6SJ7, which is a variant of the 6J7 that has the input grid connection in the base rather than on the top.

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I actually had a natural wood coloured Japanese Westone Strat that I really liked but sold last year since the neck profile was a bit too flat for my liking. I really thought that Tacoma had something to do with Tama for some reason, but apparently not. Mine has a fancy pants real inlay logo on the headstock while theirs have printed logos but then at least one of theirs have grey bottom pickups which I wished mine had too, my Tokai Silver Star SS has that and they sound awesome.

Either way I really like this guitar and the neck is just a pure joy to play. There is an American guitar company called Tacoma but I doubt that they have anything to do with these old Japan made guitars. If anyone knows anything about Tacoma then please get in touch.

The information source for Tokai electric guitars. Search the Tokai Guitar Registry The Tokai Guitar Registry is broken into sections based on the type of guitar (Les Paul, Strat, etc)

Boy could he play! Anyhow, the metal, hair, and power pop bands of those days all put good, strong guitar soloing up front in the mix, and I enjoyed it. I automatically block out vocals and lyrics, by the way, so I pay no attention to them! Apparently he had some prototypes made by a Western Canadian company, though those my never have gone into production. Hondo gets little respect from most guitar aficionados, but it really should, both because it contributed quite a bit to guitar history and actually made some pretty good guitars though not all, it must be admitted.

Hondo was founded by Freed and Tommy Moore in with the intention to open up guitar production in Korea, at that time a non-player in the guitar game. Japan had taken over from Europe as the primary supplier of budget-level guitars during the s. When Nixon cut the dollar loose to float with other currencies on the free market, the yen went up, making Japanese products increasingly expensive, a problem in a prejudiced, price-sensitive market like the US. Japanese engineers from Tokai were brought in to help improve the operation and the Hondo brand was born.

Not unlike the brand name featured here! Hondo was initially known for its really crappy but cheap acoustics, but then picked up the low end of the copy era. It was at this point in time when Hondo was hitting its stride that Paul Dean and Hondo crossed paths.

what’s the scoop on hondo?

History , Introduction , Observations 0 Hello again. Part II covers the period starting shortly after the beginning of the European Renaissance in the 15th Century and covers the development of the acoustic guitar as we know it, largely up to the middle of the 20th Century. So, without further ado, here we go stepping right back into the story where the last part left off… Renaissance CE … Continued The lute remained fashionable in Europe in both Spain and, particularly, Sicily.

The popularity of the nascent instrument was through its use as a solo instrument in European courts during the 16th Century. The number of string courses used by the lute increased considerably, to as many as 14 or 19, or more, courses.

May 20,  · So in summation, Hondo made some POS guitars, but Hondo II were pretty good. hat’s true and some are more than pretty good i own 2 of those a dc model made by matsumoku, and a genesis model. both set neck guitars and set neck hondo’s are quite rare.

The series has become a mainstay for Ibanez and has a very wide variety of models and configurations all based on the same basic body shape. Presumably short for Soundgear. All bass model numbers start with an SR followed by one or two digits. The model number is usually on the back of the headstock. In general the lower the number, the less expensive the bass.

So an SR is lower in the model line than an SR This bass is a SRF So this can be considered a long term test. This model is built in Indonesia.

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Official Jackson Guitars Site: On Friday we had the very sad and unexpected news that our stage manager – Paul ‘Bomber’ Jackson – had. August 15, U. August 23, Jeff Buckley: Squire, could come from plants in Japan, China or Indonesia. I use 11s on my All my other guitars I’ve used my allen key sret with.

 · The original model guitars have the elongated headstock with three on a side tuners. One manufacturer is producing Iceman copies using the Hondo II brand name. This instrument is an excellent copy of the real thing, while another is manufactured by a company using the brand name Odessa. (even if they’re dating somebody else now) you

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It is commonly found on Mastercaster Series models, among others. These serial numbers are easily recognized as a white sticker with a black border, usually found on the back of the headstock or the heel of the neck. Being a sticker, many are ripped off or wear off over the years. If this is the case, the only other way to date your guitar is by looking for a date ink-stamped on the side of the original box switch. August 31, However, as approached, the use of one digit for the year presented the issue of repeat serial numbers.

Around this time, the serial numbers became a bit unpredictable, as they were figuring out a new system.

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