Princess Diana’s ex-bodyguard ‘has PTSD flashbacks’ and wants to speak to Prince Harry

Kate Gosselin appeared to get a little too close for comfort with her bodyguard Steve Neild recently, causing his wife Gina Downie Neild to fire back with a defiant family portrait. But that didn’t stop the year-old TV personality from using his services on Tuesday. The pair were seen heading into her New York City hotel, with Kate confidently smiling as she strutted with a brown paper bag from Pie Face eatery. Scroll down for video Braving the cold weather, she topped off her pieces with a puffy black parka and blue Ugg boots. Kate seemed to be struggling with the breeze, which pushed her long locks in front of her face as she made her way from her car to hotel room. Caught in the wind: The TV personality’s long blonde locks covered her face as she carried a bag from Pie Face Change of clothes: The reality TV star carried a pair of tall black boots with her food to-go A step behind: Steve gladly followed Kate’s lead with his handy backpack Steve obediently opened the door for Kate before following her into the hotel.

Kate gets same bodyguard that Diana had

The ‘Allied’ actor is said to be concerned his estranged wife Angelina Jolie is trying to turn their six kids – Maddox, 15, Pax, 12, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and eight-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne – against him and have even stopped calling him ‘daddy’. And it helps that the actress finds Brad incredibly hot! Check out the starlet talk about Hollywood’s newly-single bachelor! I was told I had no ‘edge’ Kate Beckinsale has revealed she was criticised early on in her acting career for not having much “edge” because of her background in independent British films.

According to the tabloid Woman’s Day, Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson are the hottest new couple in Hollywood. One of their sources reported that the two stars have gotten extremely close recently and.

A Royal Romance, the Lifetime movie that presents a dramatized version of the greatest love story every told. While based on the facts as we know them, the script takes a lot of poetic license in imagining the conversations, confrontations and consummations!!! The Queen is portrayed as explicitly progressive and the whole Wales clan as mixed race. To set the stage: Harry has a confrontation with two elder royal women Lady Victoria and Lady Sarah , one of whom is wearing a Blackamoor brooch.

Enter Prince Charles, who kicks the horrible old bigots out of the bash and then tells Harry to go and get Meghan no ring, no bring policy be damned! Meanwhile, Harry is a misunderstood softy who is more concerned with living a life of purpose than being a prince. From their first date Meghan teases Harry for being 40 minutes late , to their sexy Botswana getaway including a memorable disrobing scene , these two are portrayed as totally genuine and totally in love. Sure things get a little corny, but this is a Lifetime movie — what do you expect?


Kate Plus 8 “The Finale”: Move over, Angelina Jolie Still finishing out the last few remaining recaps I haven’t done and we now come to the series finale, from September If you’re wondering why there were about 30 new episodes of this God forsaken mess that aired long after “The Finale” aired, well, you should be. As you may recall from long, long ago, this show really did have a pretty big cancellation announcement six years ago, with tears and regrets and fans in a tizzy.

Nov 18,  · Plus, Kenya Moore revealed to Us Weekly that Kate Gosselin’s bodyguard (and longtime rumored boyfriend) Steve Neild would share a hotel room with .

Share After weeks of speculation about whether or not she’s dating Brad Pitt, it seems Kate Hudson has let the cat out of the bag, having reportedly been overheard confirming their romance to friends. The actress was apparently busted gushing to mates about Brad 53, at two Golden Globes afterparties, with Woman’s Day magazine claiming she told one group they’ve rendezvoused on “several occasions” since his split from Angelina Jolie. And despite not making an appearance together, the pair may have managed to squeeze in some private time, with the mag reporting that Kate, 37, was spotted having an “intimate” conversation with Brad’s agent, Bryan Lourde, before being spirited away from the party in a car that had the exact same number plate as the one that Brad left the earlier ceremony in.

View photos Kate has apparently been overheard confirming her romance with Brad. Getty More Neither she or Brad walked the red carpet at last week’s event, although Kate was certainly dressed to impress, wearing a jaw-dropping low-cut gold lace Roberto Cavalli gown for one afterparty at West Hollywood’s Sunset Tower Hotel. The mother-of-two kept the rest of her look simple, sweeping her hair into a top knot and accessorising with diamond earrings and a black clutch.

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Kate and Tanya at Bella ‘s and Edward ‘s wedding. Kate introduces herself to Bella after the ceremony. When Tanya jokingly says it may be her and Kate’s turn next, Kate simply replies “keep the dream alive”.

Reports have emerged that Brad Pitt may secretly be dating Kate Hudson – although conflicting accounts have also surfaced denying those article published by Australian magazine Woman.

The rumor is that in the midst of his divorce from Angelina Jolie, Pitt is cuddling up with his new flame Kate Hudson, but just how true are these rumors? One of their sources reported that the two stars have gotten extremely close recently and are meeting up in secret, and Pitt’s bodyguard was even quoted as saying that the new pairing would not be surprising to him. But don’t be so quick to believe the news after all, wouldn’t there be some photographic evidence of the two hanging out?

Sources have told both HollywoodLife and Gossip Cop that the new relationship rumors are baseless. It’s not surprising that tabloids are feverishly trying to uncover or, as is most often the case, fabricate any secret romance Brad Pitt may be having while undergoing his divorce from Angelina Jolie. Pitt’s first divorce from Jennifer Aniston in and subsequent relationship with Jolie set off a tabloid firestorm at the time, as speculation over whether the Brangelina relationship was considered an affair or not dominated celebrity media for a very long time.

Given that nobody knows the real reason behind Jolie’s recent announcement that she is divorcing Pitt, many outlets are hungry for a salacious repeat of In fact, one of the first things that many fans and outlets did after the divorce was announced two months back was look to Pitt’s Allied co-star Marion Cotillard , assuming that he must again be cheating with his current on-screen partner. Though many tabloids are holding out hope for a surprising new supercouple, we’re guessing that romance is the last thing on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s minds right now.

Transgender Teens: What if a Girl were a Guy and a Guy were a Girl?

It was nothing amazing, it was just Kate doled out the discipline, made most of the decisions including the unpopular ones , the kids played and bickered and were usually pretty cute, and Jon was The fourth-season finale on March 23, , was the most-watched episode of the series yet, attracting 4.

After weeks of speculation about whether or not she’s dating Brad Pitt, it seems Kate Hudson has let the cat out of the bag, having reportedly been overheard confirming their romance to friends.

Buy This Book The Kelley Legacy series may not be sheer romance genius, but I will say that it works as a marketing ploy. Two C-level books in, and for some reason I feel compelled to buy them all and find out how this ends. Special Ops Bodyguard picks up where the first book in the series Private Justice left off. The short version is that Senator Hank Kelley has been caught with his pants down.

But his real crime was actually getting mixed up with the wrong people. He discovered the secrets of a powerful organization with a nefarious agenda. Gage is an ex-special ops soldier who is suffering from guilt and a little PTSD. Kate is also in Montana for protective reasons. Her older sister Janet is in an abusive relationship with her husband Larry. They both work in the same diner, and Kate covers for Janet when she needs to and holds her hand when Larry is drunk and mean. Kate and Gage are attracted to each other right away, but neither is exactly looking for a relationship.

Meanwhile, Gage finds guarding the senator challenging. He heads to the bank where drama ensues.

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What if a Girl were a Guy and a Guy were a Girl? This week, that momentous news out of washington and the supreme court, the overturn of doma, allowing gay couples to marry, recognizing thei love for one another. Tonight here, we start with a different kind of love story. Two teenagers who completely changed their identities, shunned, targeted and alone.

“I know both Kate and Brad, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they were dating!” Kris, who’s owner of The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills shared at he time that Kate is “a wonderful.

Bodyguard turns around with Mary-Kate’s morning drink prepared. Today, I’m playing the Mary-Kate drinking game! It’s a long-standing tradition, dating all the way back to Olsen family gatherings of the s, when the rules were simple: No one plays the me D game better than me. Drink when I hold my hands like this, when I fall asleep, when I take a pill, when I call Fat Professor fat, when anyone says my name, when there’s a Full House quote, when I say Comet I just said Comet!

If you’re making the rules, and drinking whenever the rules apply, then aren’t you just drinking whenever you want? Funs the game so make? You sort ’em out. Bodyguard rolls his eyes. Also, you repeated what I said!

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Mamadou Ndiaye, 40, who has worked with the rapper for eight years, was sentenced for assaulting a security guard after a gig. The court heard the incident happened at around Edward Marsh, prosecuting, said Mr Smith and witness Matthew Howard were working at the hotel as security staff. The court heard The Hilton had a policy requiring all guests to show their key cards before entering the hotel.

Giving evidence to the court, Mr Howard said he was on duty at the front entrance of the hotel when a minibus with around 10 people inside pulled up. He said he did not recognise Akon and that no advanced notice of his stay had been given, so he asked him for his card.

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Bodyguard Kris Herzog says Kate Hudson and Brad Pitt make the perfect couple In a Woman’s Day world exclusive, we chat to bodyguard to the stars, Kris Herzog, about Brad’s new flame.

May 03, 5: Kylie Jenner’s body guard has taken to social media to respond and put an end to the rumours that he may be Stormi Webster’s biological father. In a message on his Instagram, Tim Chung said he “would normally never answer to gossip and stories so ridiculous,” though explained that he has decided to come forward, “out of deep respect for Kylie, Travis, their daughter together and their families.

Just when you thought Kanye West and Tristan Thompson had caused enough drama in the Kardashian family to last a lifetime, a new conspiracy theory comes to light that makes you question whether the Kardashians ever get a break. The latest drama causing a stir? Fans are convinced that Kylie Jenner’s baby Stormi Webster bears a striking resemblance to the star’s bodyguard, prompting many to ask the question Maury Povich made famous, “Who is the father?

The bodyguard, whose real name is Tim Chung, has obviously not made any comments on this far-fetched theory, and seems relatively unfazed by the entire situation. Just hours ago, Chung was active on social media, posting videos to his Instagram Stories of a very cute puppy.

All the Men Princess Diana Was Ever Romantically Linked To

One Shot [ You had a difficult childhood. One day, after school, someone knocks on your door and you take a surprise. One Shot [ You were dating for three years and what you wanted most was being able to take care of him. But Yoongi was too busy with his job to realized that he was losing you. First part of the serie Hazard. You decide to follow him one day, after work, and find him at a bar, kissing his secretary.

The ‘Suits’ star has tightened security since she started dating a royal.

Following his trial, Kate Leigh was convicted of perjury and for being an accomplice to the assault, after being accused of lying under oath to protect her husband; her conviction was overturned on appeal. The marriage broke up soon after the trial, though they were not divorced until Kate anglicised her part-Asian surname from Lee to Leigh, and she was mostly known by that name for the rest of her life, regardless of future marriages.

Kate’s daughter Eileen also used the name ‘Leigh’ until she married in That relationship—which featured prominently in an Australian television drama on Leigh’s role in the razor gang wars see Popular culture, below —ended with Tomlinson’s departure, and Leigh then pursued a de facto relationship from — with her business partner, Henry ‘Jack’ Baker — At its peak, Leigh ran at least twenty[ contradictory ] bootleg outlets.

Leigh derived from her supplies from a corrupt networks of doctors, dentists, chemists, and sailors, and amassed considerable wealth from the activity. Rival gangs eroded her profits from cocaine by standing over and slashing decoys often working prostitutes with razors. In , newly appointed Sydney Police Commissioner MacKay warned them both to tone down the violence or else risk serious imprisonment. The NSW Police also intensively policed incoming vessels for overseas cocaine suppliers in , but it was naval transit restrictions associated with the World War II that led to devastating interruptions of Leigh’s overseas cocaine supply.

She was not indicted for the killing, [23] or for shooting Joseph McNamara [24] nearby in Liverpool St, Darlinghurst on 9 December

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