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Create New Acceptable Targets: Even when one becomes a minor character, his nerdiness is often poked fun at. Though, to balance it out, Alice is portrayed sympathetically and Emmett eventually gets creeped out by Teddy when she starts showing signs of a crush. Dabney could be seen as a manifestation of Teddy’s future self, considering her current behavior and choices. PJ could be engaging in Obfuscating Stupidity. Many times his apparent stupidity comes from a result of just not paying attention or outright attempting to fool people. While it is highly unlikely she would have beat Selena, who has the backing of the Beliebers, or Nick actresses Victoria Justice and Miranda Cosgrove , she was given the worst possible awards promo. For those who didn’t see it or forgot it, they showed a scene with Alex and Mason for Selena, a scene with Carly and the smart British dude in “iQ” for Miranda, and Tori and Beck for Victoria’s.

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The scene, lasting just under a minute, is later revealed to be a dream. For the film’s soundtrack, Mendler provided backing vocals on the song “Free Spirit”, performed by Stoner. Mendler had the role of Kristen, a girl who attends OCD on a scholarship, and works hard to keep her good grades. The film drew 2. This lasts till the series finale. Mendler would go on to appear in eleven episodes total for the series, spanning from to when the series ended.

Good Luck Charlie is a Disney Channel Original Series about a family trying to adjust a new member in their family, Charlotte, or Charile for short. The show stars Bridgit Mendler as Teddy Duncan, Jason Dolley as PJ Duncan, Bradley Steven Perry as G

She creates a video diary for Charlie to ensure that she survives their “special” family. She is the second child of Bob and Amy Duncan. She was portrayed by Bridgit Mendler. Contents [ show ] Personality Teddy is a kind, intelligent, creative, and responsible 15 to year-old woman who cares about her family and friends. She loves to go shopping, hang out with her best friend, Ivy Wentz , and go to the movies.

It is suggested that her favorite colors are blue and purple. She also likes music. It is also suggested that she enjoys acting as she auditions for the role of Beauty in her school production of Beauty and the Beast , in which she was the Beast , and she was in her school’s fourth grade production of The Sound of Music. It is unknown which part she plays but Bob finds a flier to her production.


Edit Toby Duncan uncredited season 3, Logan Moreau season 4 is the fifth and youngest Duncan sibling. He was born in the back of an ice-cream truck Bob and Amy were riding in on the way to the hospital and Teddy helped deliver him. He and Charlie share the same birthday but she is three years older.

Luke Benward has been in 3 on-screen matchups, including Bridgit Mendler in Good Luck Charlie (), Dove Cameron in Cloud 9 () and Ryan Newman in See Dad Run (). Luke Benward is a member of the following lists: Singers from Tennessee, Male actors from

Characters in “Good Luck Charlie” click to play it. Question by author LGH Spencer Spencer Walsh is the former boyfriend of Teddy. He is very cute and athletic. He lost to Teddy in the battle of the bands. The Characters of “Good Luck Charlie” click to play it. Question by author angel Teddy Jake is Gabe’s best friend.

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Good Luck Charlie is an American sitcom that originally aired on Disney Channel from April 4, to February 16, The series revolves around Teddy Duncan (Bridgit Mendler), a teenage girl who makes video diaries for her little sister Charlie (Mia Talerico) about her family and life as a video diaries are made to help Charlie when she grows ://

They showed a lot of promise while on Disney Channel, but has that manifested into anything now that the sitcom is over? However, as the show goes on, he becomes invested in his future after discovering a love for food. He attends a cooking school which he later graduates from, ultimately going on to run a food truck with his father as a business partner. Although her job as a nurse frequently keeps her away from home, Amy does everything she can to be there for her kids.

Unfortunately, this often leads her to be too overbearing, something that she improves upon as the series progress. Despite being a very caring woman, Amy has a habit of being conceited and regularly brags about herself. Bradley Steven Perry playing Gabe Duncan The youngest of the Duncan siblings until Charlie came along, Gabe very much fits into the little brother stereotype.

Dabney who often bears the brunt of his mischievous behavior. Unlike the rest of his siblings, Gabe is hesitant to connect with Charlie at first because he holds a grudge about no longer being the youngest. However, over time he starts to bond with his little sister and is later less resistant when his parents welcome another child into the family. Dabney is the bitter woman who lives next door. Aside from Charlie, she rarely gets along with any of her neighbors and has a particular dislike for Gabe.

Dabney is the only one of her four identical sisters to have such a strong disliking for children, often resulting in her being referred to as the black sheep of her family. Their anger towards Spencer unites them, and they even end up writing a song about it together.

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Premise[ edit ] Set in Denver, Colorado , the series focuses on the Duncan family, who are still adjusting to the birth of their fourth child, Charlotte “Charlie” Duncan Mia Talerico. At the same time, Teddy, PJ, and Gabe try to deal with school and general social challenges in their lives. Teddy hopes the videos will provide useful advice for Charlie after they have both grown up and Teddy has moved out. Each episode ends, after the video diary, with an event that is weird and usually cannot happen in real life.

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Duncan Bridgit Mendler is the main protagonist of the series and Charlie’s older and only sister. She is a caring, intrusive and intelligent teenage girl and the second eldest child, after PJ and before Gabe. She is 16 years old. Feeling that she won’t be around as much when her baby sister Charlie is grown, she produces and directs video diaries for her, hoping that it will give her advice that will help her be successful as a teenager. Her best friend’s name is Ivy Wentz, with whom she spends most of her time when she’s not with Charlie.

She was dating Spencer Walsh, but gets her heart broken later in the series, after Spencer cheats on her with another girl. She has always fought with PJ, though it is apparent she loves him. As for her younger brother Gabe, she sometimes finds herself unintentionally ignoring him, although she often reassures him of her love and apologizes.

Her catch phrase said at the end of most episodes is “Good Luck Charlie”, referring to her baby sister. Favourite Quotes No favourite quotes to show Favourites.

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